Sunday, February 14, 2021


"the light has gone out of my life"

137 years ago today, Theodore Roosevelt wrote these words.  It was the day he lost his wife.  They're just as real to me as if he had written them today.

Daytime is shorter than night.  
Memories bring pain and not smiles.  
Colors all look like they're gray.  
Fatigue, but can't sleep anyway.

Payday today, yet who can I treat?
Work trip to leave for, but no one to leave.
No one to come home to and greet with a kiss.
Knew what to expect, but I didn't expect this.

News of the day; nobody to hear.  
Sang a love song, but to only my ears.
Sent you a text: delivered, not read.  
I just can't accept the fact that you're 

Not here.

But time will move on and not stay.
So welcome to Valentine's Day.
If I can't spend it with my wife,
The light has gone out of my life.

Friday, February 05, 2021

Post One Thousand

1,000 memories

1,000 tears

1,000 love songs

1,000 people in our living room

1,000 dollars we can’t afford to pay the oncologist

1,000 inside jokes

1,000 realizations that you’re not here

1,000 risky restaurant choices

1,000 coping strategies

1,000 times I wish I had more time

1,000 arguments

1,000 miles walked in antique malls

1,000 phone pics

1,000 raw conversations

1,000 I love you’s

1,000 trips to Walmart pharmacy

1,000 shades of purple

1,000 secrets shared

1,000 hours on Spotify

1,000 sympathy cards

1,000 prayers prayed

1,000 dreams redirected

1,000 wishes it was me instead of you

1,000 ways I can’t live without you

1,000 blog posts

It’s not enough

Sunday, January 31, 2021

In Memory of Anne-Marie Garcia

This is the full-length memory video from the memorial services this week: 

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Anne-Marie’s Memorial Schedule

This is Anne-Marie’s memorial schedule. We are doing our best to comply with regulations in the state of Oregon, so we are allowing extra time for viewing to allow the crowd to come through in smaller numbers. If you have health concerns, it’s recommended that you come to the viewing early on Friday.

Thursday official memorial service (invitation only) with viewing and light fare following in fellowship hall

Thursday, 1/28

Portland Pentecostals 

9775 Mt Scott Blvd in Portland

(You will be notified by immediate family or clergy with start time if you are invited to the service.)

General viewing, Session 1: 4:30-7 PM Thursday, 1/28 (open to all)

Portland Pentecostals 

General viewing, Session 2: 3-7 PM 

Friday, 1/29 (open to all)

Portland Pentecostals 


11:30 AM 

Saturday, 1/30 (outdoor service open to all, no crowd restrictions)

Zion Memorial Park Cemetery 

2010 SE Township Rd

Canby, OR