Monday, July 17, 2006

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The site will take you to another page. On the right side of that page you can type in your comment in the "Leave your comment" window. (Make sure to include your name in your note, so we know who you are and can send cash prizes of up to $10,000* to the correct address.) Choose "Anonymous" as your identity. Fill in the blank below the identity option with the funny-looking letters just above it. (This is high-tech security stuff.)

Press the "Login and Publish" button and you're done. It may take a few minutes for your comment to be visible on the site.

And, yes. Anne-Marie reads every one of them several times.

*$10,000 are Canadian. Actual American cash value $0.78. Void where prohibited. See store for details. On approved credit. World without end. Amen.


  1. Here is my comment. Blah, blah, it's time to choose my identity and type in the funny letters.

  2. Hi Anne-Marie! I just wanted to remind you that you are in my thoughts and prayers and I love you lots! Let me know if you need anything....books, chocolate, etc!!!
    Love and miss ya!
    Cara Hall

  3. We can't stop thinking about you every time we have a fun pt. (ya know what I mean) You are so much a part of this work family it just seems hollow without you. Get better and stronger and when you return we are going to have a HUGE party! I miss ya! Let us know when you want another HUGE basket!

  4. On the very same post someone leaves a comment without signing their name! We know who you are there at Ross Hoevet Family Dentistry, but you're no longer eligible for the Canadian cash. (All you northerners know I'm kiddin' aboot your money, eh?)

  5. Glad to see you haven't lost your sense of humor


  6. Dear Eli and Anne-Marie...
    Just want you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers! Please let me know if I can do anything to help...
    Love you guys!
    Donna Pollard

  7. Hello, my name is Alan Ricketts. I found your page through Nick Johnstone's link. I just want to say that as I read your page, and the struggles through cancer, my heart goes out to you. I WILL BE PRAYING FOR YOU! My wife is going through a battle with breast cancer that started a year and 1/2 ago. She is doing GREAT! As I am sure things will go for you as people pray for you. May God Bless you and your wife.

  8. Eli, you are a very funny guy, but the thought occurs to me that perhaps the medicine that Anne-Marie takes that puts her to sleep on and off throughout the day, may, in part, be a self-defense mechanism...I bet this just ruined my chances at the $10,000.(Canadian)...
    Seriously, you need to be writing. You have a great way of saying it with humor, which always appeals to me.
    Anne-Marie, you are never very far from our thoughts, we pray for you every day. If you need more pillows, let me know, I'll get you some fluffy ones.
    Love, Aunt Edie

  9. Good evening, both of you!

    Hey now, that Canadian prize money ought to be worth more ... say, at least $1.29, eh? Or is that in metric?

    You gotta watch them Canuckle-head comments, or you might have the entire Canadian navy come down (four canoes and a Boston whaler) and check it out!

    Hope you both have a cool and restful night (crank up the AC!!!) Hopefully it'll be cooler than Friday nite was. yikes.

    We love you and pray for you often! Hope to see you Sunday.

    Jonathan Toews (an ex-Canadian)

  10. Anne-Marie, I miss you terribly at work. We are all thinking of you on a daily basis. You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers.
    Love, Cheryl Bean