Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Post-op recovery

Anne-Marie was discharged from the hospital yesterday at three in the afternoon . She is doing fairly well, but sleeps a lot. She is, once again, having problems with nausea, which is probably a side effect of the anesthetic.

Tammy Baldwin is taking care of her today and trying to get her to eat something...anything, really.

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  1. Thank, Eli for all the info. It's a great way to keep us informed without having to answer the phone all day long.
    I was at another hosp all day with another friend who had surgery and needed a ride to and from, so I was unable to see Anne-Marie, but we were still praying for her, and thinking about her.
    I am trying to keep in touch with Phil and Mom as well, but this is the best source for info. Kara has also been a big help in communication.
    Just want you to know you are in our heart and prayers every day.
    Love, Auntie Edie

    PS I also tried to respond to your bird story, but don't know if it made it. Hey, I don't even know if this will make it!