Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Blog hits 10,000

I'll never forget March 29, 1999, the day that the Dow Jones Industrial Average hit 10,000. Confetti flew, people shouted, and President Clinton pumped his fists while the cameras flashed. Today will probably not draw quite as much attention from the media, but it's a celebration nonetheless.

My 10,000th hit? Someone who came on around 1:25 this afternoon (5/22/07) using AOL, Internet Explorer 6, and Windows XP. Whoever you are, you better come clean. Don't slink off into the darkness like #5,000 did and leave us all wondering for the rest of our lives.

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  1. Hi Eli and AnneMarie This site is so great in keeping us all informed of your Dr visits and so forth. We keep you in our prayers daily. We don't see you much any more since we made our move but please know that we care and we love you both very much.Love and Prayers Frank & Ruth vonHutten