Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Final verdict

I'm typing this post in advance of publishing in Notepad because our network is down.

I've never posted on my last visit with the Gastroenterology clinic because...well...I guess the whole thing has been frustrating enough without telling the story once again. But--since my forte is forthright--I might give this update.

The people at the clinic have run me through two physical tests (those type which are most dreaded, and reasonably so). They have done two biopsies. They have tried two different types of medication. All have resulted in a lot of bills and paperwork, but no sure diagnosis or reasonable treatment. They think I have IBS.

Since the first medication I tried caused drowsiness and loss of appetite, and the second one caused depression, fatigue, and almost every other undesirable effect, the clinic has decided that there's nothing else they can do for me.

There are two elements of good news. The first is that they are certain that whatever this condition is, it will not increase my chances of developing cancer, Crohn's disease, or anything else like that, and won't have to return for more testing until I'm fifty. The second is that I've been feeling good for the past week or so and hope to stay on that road.

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