Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tuesday: Farewell, Houston!

Very little happened our last day of vacation. We did get a chance to grab breakfast at Houston's most overrated breakfast establishment, Le Peep, before we went to the Airport.

From there we made sure the rental car was full of gas, drove back to Avis, and took the shuttle to the airport. Our flight was through Denver, stopping off at Salt Lake to switch out some passengers--more stops than Tri-Met. I've never been to four states in one day before; I hope I never am again.

One hiccup in our itinerary was the late arrival of our connecting flight in Denver. It was ten minutes late and enough to get us caught at the gate in the middle of an electric storm. They wouldn't refuel the plane until it passed over. We sat looking out the window at the fuel truck as the rain poured until the all clear was given. Our ATA was an hour later than our ETA.

Phil Huffman picked us up from PDX and took us to Red Robin. Portland felt really cold compared to our week in Texas, but a night in our own bed was enough to make up for that. We are happy for a safe trip that was even more fun and enjoyable than we had expected. No doubt we'll remember it for the rest of our lives.

Pics T-B: Anne-Marie at Le Peep, worn out in Denver

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