Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Wedding Day, Part Two

We were late. There was nothing else to it. We raced from Gator Country to find something to eat. For some reason we thought we could make a quick trip to Black-eyed Pea in Beaumont. After getting lost in downtown Beaumont, we finally found the restaurant two blocks away from Brian's apartment. We were nearly out of time and figured we'd be late for the pre-wedding photo shoot. The only thing that made it even salvageable was Stan begging the waitress for quick service and ordering quick food like pot roast and meatloaf. Oh, well.

All was nearly lost when the groom-to-be called. "Can you guys take my truck through the car wash? I still have to pack for the honeymoon!" He had an hour and a half to be in his tux and at The Brown Center. He was fixin' to make us look good.

An hour and a half later, we arrived at The Brown Center. As I was changing into my tux-- already ten minutes late for pictures--John-Paul got a call from Brian. He was just leaving his apartment, thirty miles away. When I heard that, I actually took the time to switch my cufflinks around to the right direction. What made the guys late? Stan's "quick" trip through the car wash.

As soon as Brian arrived, the photographer brought us all upstairs for a few pictures. Anne-Marie was downstairs taking a few pictures of her own (see below).

The ceremony went well. Especially notable was the bride and groom duet accompanied by fellow-Oregonian Angela Kelly on piano. I'd never heard Rebekah sing before and she was amazing! The evening sun shining across the solarium lent a very special atmosphere to a brief service. (Anyone who has stood for any length of time in rental tux shoes can appreciate short ceremonies!)

The solarium was quickly converted to the reception hall and we got in line to eat. The best man had the idea to kidnap Brian. We quickly agreed.

We convinced him to go upstairs with us. Once we had him in one of the bedrooms, John-Paul let him in on the scheme, "We're about to take up a collection for your honeymoon fund. We plan on filling your tux pants with the money. So, you can either take them off now and we'll go downstairs and get the money, or we'll take them off for you!" I'm happy to tell you that Brian made the right choice. Believe me: we came back with enough money to make it worth his while.

Soon the bride and groom were on their way to the freshly washed truck. We blew bubbles and waved goodbye. We were exhausted as we drove back to Beaumont. What a day!

Unfortunately, at this part of the trip, we had to say goodbye to the rest of the Wallace family since we were headed west toward Houston and they were headed east toward Montgomery. We miss our friends John-Paul and Julia from the days we spent together while they lived in Oregon.

Pics T-B: Anne-Marie eating cornbread at The Black-eyed Pea, The Brown Center, spiral staircase at The Brown Center, formal dining room, awwww..., I present to you Mr. and Mrs. Brian Wallace, bubbles/bride/Brian, John-Paul and Julia Wallace

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