Monday, October 15, 2007

Update on class

We are heading into the fourth week of classes today and I am in the middle of learning argument every Tuesday evening in my writing class at Clackamas Community College.

The teacher asked us to pick one topic to write about for the entire term. There are three qualifiers for the topic. One: it must be a relevant issue (martians and bigfoot and such wouldn't have enough juice to make it through the term). Two: it must be an issue that is not so near and dear that you can't see anything but one viewpoint (abortion, Creation/evolution, the war in Iraq). Three: the topic must have three viewpoints from which to argue (for it, against it, some compromise view in between).

My topic? The United States' decision to drop the atomic bomb on Japan in World War II. That one right there is apparently enough to raise the hackles of some of my most controlled classmates, and probably a lot of people that read my blog.

I'm posting two polls that will ask about this issue. First is a poll on your opinion on the issue. Next is whether I should post my work on DARKSAYINGS.

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