Sunday, November 11, 2007

Ignorance vs. Cynicism

Somehow I'm certain that there's a middle ground between ignorance and cynicism. Maybe we could call it a "second innocence."

Ignorance is a thing that shows up very quickly among many very likable people. I cannot be like them. I must know things for myself.

Cynicism may be an even worse problem. Cynics know everything (a cynical statement of my own). They criticize on even the weakest arguments. They always see the worst in every situation. Plus, they're not likable, let alone happy.

In short, I would rather have friends who are ignorant than cynical. Not completely ignorant, but who is? We all know several people who are a "little naive." But--even though you know no one who is completely ignorant--count the ones you know who are completely cynical.

Call it innocent, but I believe there is hope to be found in this life. And I ask anyone who's traded their sweet innocence for the bitterness of cynicism to think a second examine their own hearts and see what's inside.

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