Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas Day 2007: Bing can quit singin'

Christmas was slow for the first few hours of the day, but we eventually found ourselves driving to Canby, around 11 or so, to prepare for the afternoon dinner at Phil's.

We'd noticed a few snowflakes on the drive, but were assured by the meteorologists that there would be "no chance of a white Christmas." Around noon, the snow started falling, and falling fast.

My nephews and I took the opportunity to play a little football, New England Patriot style (sorry, no pics...I was busy breakin' tackles). After turning nearly blue with cold, we went inside. It snowed for two hours before the temperature rose and it started to melt. The last time it snowed on Christmas in the Portland area was 1990. That means next time it happens, I'll probably be about 45 years old.

We enjoyed a beautiful dinner with ham and everthing else that goes with it.

It's sad now that all the decorations we worked so hard on have to come down. I love this time of year and hope that you all had the best Christmas ever.

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