Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Journey 2008

This is the presentation we played for our church on December 23, 2007 to announce our adoption plans. After the five minute clip, I talked for a few minutes about our plans and the calling to involvement in adoption and orphan care. There is nothing that is beyond reach if God is in it and man is willing to follow.

I want to be absolutely clear that some of the content at the beginning is from a packet generously given to us by Show Hope, the action campaign of Shaohannah's Hope. I encourage you to visit their website or watch the clips in the sidebar. If you would, consider donating. The money goes to families that want to adopt, but are having difficulty paying the adoption fees.

If anyone from Shaohannah's Hope sees this and wants it taken down, e-mail me. I hope it would help more than hurt.

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