Thursday, March 13, 2008

First trip to Dove

Thursday, Anne-Marie and I went to Dove Adoptions' home office for the first time. Their office is located in Banks, Oregon, about 10 miles west of the western edge of the Portland Metro area.

We met with Adoption Director, Tami and Assistant Director, Kari to talk over our adoption plans and the timeline of the entire process. Right now it looks as if referrals of children are coming quicker than normal. We expect that we will be parents a year to fifteen months from right now.

Tami informed us that everything that we'd sent with our application had been greenlighted, including Anne-Marie's medical letter. Right now we are working out the last few details before we get our contract signed and notarized.

The other bit of news that we haven't mentioned on the blog yet is that we've requested to adopt 2 kids!

Here are some pics from Thursday at the office and one of our lunch on the way back: Anne-Marie is eating Ethiopian food in true African style!

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