Tuesday, October 07, 2008

In between

The thing about blogging is that it's great when things are happening, but not so great when they're not. So much of life is "in-between time". Right now we find ourselves in between the splendor of summer and the wonder of winter, being down with the common cold and back to our old selves, a dishwasher breaking and getting a new one, moving stuff out of the kids rooms and painting them. Between kidlessness and kids.

Last I checked, there's nothing I can do to hasten or hold back the holidays. The Oregon rain will continue in an incessant drizzle for the appointed time until the foggy days of December return to bring us respite. There's really nothing I can do about a lot of these things. We will be in between.


OK. Enough of the poetic alliteration mess.

I did have one cool thing happen this weekend. I got to meet Missionary Nona Freeman. She and her husband were the first missionaries from our church organization to go to Ethiopia. The Freemans ministered to more than twenty-five African nations in their forty years of work. She was glad to hear about our adoption

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