Friday, November 07, 2008

Press Briefing = being brief with the press

Since I don't have anything to post--no we haven't heard anything about the kids yet--I thought I would post about the press conference I just watched online. It was US President-elect Barack Obama's first since winning the election on Tuesday.

I'll say this: Man, he looks tired! (see pic) Not the usual energy you're used to seeing. The brief statement before the Q&A session was kinda flat and the answers during the Q&A were short and clipped off. He did get a joke in about how a reporter hurt her arm at the victory celebration on Tuesday. He also tried to make a joke about Nancy Reagan and calling up the dead (?!). Bad idea. He must be tired.

Note: Just checked over my blog to see if I've ever posted on politics before. I found that I had a few times, mainly when I argued both sides of the dropping of the atomic bomb last year. I have friends on both sides of the election and have kept it out of my blog on purpose. Love you all and will be praying for P-e Obama as he takes office. This post has no intended offense, just as I hope the Nancy joke had no intended offense.

UPDATE: Obama called Nancy Reagan a few hours later to apologize.

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