Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Spring has sprung!

Well, not really since it's only February, but the other night we had our first spring experience of the year. At about 12:30 on Sunday night/Monday morning we were scared quite nearly out of our minds by a sound that went something like this (brace yourselves):


We looked all around the house for whatever it was. Maybe the least subtle catburglar in town? We couldn't find anything or anyone. Nothing had fallen over. No furniture had busted in half. Batman and Robin weren't fighting in the living room. When I checked out the garage, I failed to look up.

When Anne-Marie went to leave for work in the morning, she couldn't get the garage door to open. It looks like our mystery noise was the garage door spring snapping in two! Now I'm taxiing Anne-Marie around while her car is trapped. The guys from the door place are coming this afternoon. Here's some pics.

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