Thursday, August 27, 2009

I might be a victim!

Last night, Anne-Marie and I went to Target to get a bunch of stuff for the trip. Baby stuff mainly. Along with this I decided to get one of those gadgety sports watches to use on the trip so I can tell time in a couple of different time zones and have an alarm, etc., because using my cel phone isn't practical for that length of time.

We got stuck in traffic while we were driving home so I asked Anne-Marie to get the watch out of the bag so I could set the time. She dug through all the stuff and it wasn't there! We looked on the receipt and, yes, they had charged us for one Armitron gadgety sports watch, but apparently the cashier forgot to put it in the bag. They stole my watch! I called the store and they said to come back in and get another. Now I gotta go back over there tonight and try to broker a deal for another $20 watch.

After getting over last night's watch mess, I woke up this morning to a flat tire. Actually, I didn't wake up to it, I drove a block and a half on it. I got to a nearby gas station and since I didn't have any cash for the air machine, I went inside to buy some stuff and get cash back. After selecting some apple juice and a box of Lorna Doones, the cashier told me they didn't give cash back. I told her my story and she had pity on me and gave me 75 cents cash back.

Looking out the window made it obvious that the Pepsi delivery truck was parked in front of the air machine, but according to the cashier he was "almost done". 45 minutes later I was filling up my completely deflated tire. As soon as I filled it up I could hear a high-pitched whistle coming from a half-inch puncture in the tire's sidewall. Someone SLASHED MY TIRE!

I can't figure out any other way it could have happened. The cut in the sidewall is too clean and is aimed toward the outside of the tire. Unlikely that it could have been caused by any road hazard.

So I drove the three blocks home. By the time I got there the tire was flat again. Thankfully I have a full-size spare that will have to do for maybe a few weeks (months). I had it on in no time and was on my way. I ain't gonna let no tire slasher get me down. Or a disappearing watch. I have a feeling if those are my biggest problems, I'm in pretty good shape.

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