Monday, November 30, 2009

Adoption Awareness Month: Brad and Steph

I wanted to end Adoption Awareness Month with a story of a real adoptive family. I found the exact story I was wanting just a few days ago.

I learned about Brad and Steph earlier this year when I got an e-mail from out of nowhere asking about adoption agencies. Steph wanted an honest opinion about our adoption agency, so I gave it to her. A few days later, I got to meet her at an agency event and was glad to hear that their family signed with Dove to adopt a girl from Ethiopia.

Since then I've kept up with their blog. This is what I saw last Wednesday:
Our oldest son, completely on his own without any suggestion from us, decided to make about 100 paper airplanes. At first, we were a tad perturbed to find 100 pieces of paper lying all over his room, but then he informed us what they were for...
Now, I'm hoping someone stops to buy one. He'll be so disappointed... but we're not. =)
What can I say that would add to this? Brad and Steph started this process with $0. They've applied for grants, sold baked potatoes, ran a bingo night fundraiser and now they're looking to corner the paper airplane market.

How many paper airplanes does it take to bring a little girl home? Only the ones made by her big brother. Those little things carry a lot more weight than you think.

Click here to read Brad and Steph's blog.

Click here to donate to Brad and Steph's adoption.
(maybe they'll even send you a plane!)

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