Tuesday, January 05, 2010


I've been reading a few blogs today and getting more and more depressed. Some blogs have prolific writing. Others have amazing pictures. Some have all kinds of comments and conversations and others have hit counts through the roof.

I just realized I have none of those.

Not that this is a popularity contest, but it's time for a little sprucing up!


  1. Oh wow! I am so glad you like my pictures!! What a compliment indeed to be mentioned on anyone's blog. If you'd like to feel better about yourself, all I did today was wait in a parking lot for 30 minutes while I waited for someone from craigslist to show up with something and they never did. During my kids' naps, instead of doing laundry or contributing in any way to my family or the world, i watched a movie and sipped hot chocolate. my blog might give off the appearance of finesse (geez, I actually hope not), but it would be a lie. :) come visit anytime. and now I get to back read on YOUR blog and see what your journeyings have been for the past few months. Anyone who loves Ethiopia is a friend of mine.

  2. OK now, that I've read the last 5 months of your life I will say 1) I am jealous you live in Oregon due to the high number of Dove adoptive families around. 2) Um, you have the ultimate win: you have your two babies home. They are the ultimate inspiration. (And yes, I wish I could photograph them.) Congrats on your cute family. Hope we are in ET this year...

  3. Being that you live in MA, I'd think you'd be jealous of my Oregonianism for a pretty large number of reasons! Kidding, I've never been. My brother lives in NH, though.

    And yes, Dove families are on every block here in the Portland area. I can walk down the sidewalk and give hi-5's to a row of adopted kids just about anywhere in town. We must know a couple dozen families (out of almost 2 million people in the Portland area).

    Love the pics and looking forward to reading that Referral Day post in the next few weeks.