Thursday, March 25, 2010

Why I'm not excited about the passage of the President's Health Care Bill

I've said it in the past and I'm sure I will say it again in the future: This is not a political blog. In fact, this is not an entertainment blog, either. Or a music blog. Or a sports blog. It's not even a religious blog. It's just a personal blog and I like to keep it that way.

So, I know anything political is--well--political. And divisive. But if it intersects with my life and if it teaches us lessons for the future, I just might talk about it. It's kind of like a study of very, very recent history.

Just so all the chips are on the table, let me tell you where I stand. I am a political conservative. I'm not "above the fray" or neutral. Many people will claim this (and are usually not being perfectly honest). I cannot. As a Christian, I am more concerned with social conservatism than fiscal conservatism. In general, I'm much more concerned about what is moral than what is legal.

Along with all of that, I will point out that our family would be in that group of Americans that benefits most from the Health Care Bill. As a family of four that tends to be sick and doesn't have much money, we are pretty much the target audience for this legislation. Without getting ahead of myself and weighing the finer points, I will just tell you that life at our house will be easier if this goes through.

Even so, I am opposed to it. In the near future, I will be posting reasons why.

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