Thursday, August 26, 2010

Life in Canby: When did the yard get so big?

Something inexplicable happened when I woke up from nigh-nigh seven weeks ago.  I woke up and our house had completely changed.  I looked up and saw a new window in the ceiling and a big spinning thing hanging from the light.  All around the room it looked like I had new toys, but Mommy immediately told me that they were "no-no" and that they "belonged to Grandpa".  Why does Grandpa have so many toys?  And what are they doing in my bedroom?

It took a long time to learn not to play with Grandpa's toys, but after a while I didn't care.  Y'wanna know why?  My yard got bigger.

I think about the same time the house changed, our yard grew really big!  And it has berry bushes and sprinklers and doggies that stick their heads through the fence.  Airpanes fly high in the sky all day long and--best of all--it has a wing.  I could wing all day long.  As much as I've tried to tell Mommy and Daddy that I'm a big girl now (sometimes they can't understand me when I talk), they still put me on their lap or push me just a little bit.  I want to wing high.  Fly.  Fly.  Wheeee!

Last month, Daddy took us out to the driveway and lit things on fire.  Boom!

Then a few weekends ago, we drove in the car to another part of my yard where there's a big choo-choo. Me and buddy rode round and round! But I wish we didn't have to stop and visit the ugly doggies.  I don't know if I like those dogs.

I wonder if this is a no-no too?

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