Saturday, January 29, 2011

Comfort Food

Have you ever disliked a restaurant that serves comfort food? Yeah, neither have I. So when I saw info online about a restaurant not a mile from our house named "Comfort Food"--more properly "organic Comfort Food cafe"--I was all over it.

Comfort Food is in a little storefront next door to the Puyallup Public Library and is only open for lunch Monday through Saturday. The menu states the cafe's mission very plainly:
First to serve wholesome and flavorful food in a heartwarming atmosphere.
Second, to facilitate a shift of focus and heighten awareness of local and world needs.
And third to raise funds to help local foster youth and international orphans.
I've seen point #1 a million times. #2 is fairly unique and commendable. But #3 is totally unheard of. So we have a restaurant within walking distance of our house that is dedicated to helping orphans? We may never cook again.

So we took our time in the cafe and looked at all the info about orphans and foster care. But we also needed to eat while we were there at the cafe, so I ordered a grilled meatloaf sandwich. It was very tasty and I wasn't hungry for the rest of the day, which flies in the face of the assumption that organic can't also be hearty. Anne-Marie had a turkey sandwich and was equally satisfied. Served in a timely manner with chips and capped off with a dessert of the house-made no-bake cookies made for a very adequate meal.
Photo by Taste of Home

After a decade of taking trips to places around the Portland Metro area, it was hard to imagine that we would stumble on something so unique and exceptional in just a few months, but we did. I highly recommend making a trip to Comfort Food.

Anne-Marie and I decided to make the trip into a lunch date, so along with lunch, we strolled through antique shops downtown. There's a lot of neat stuff down there for a window shopping adventure on a rainy day. Maybe that deserves its own post.

And, yes. The no-bake cookies were the kind made with peanut butter.

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