Saturday, January 15, 2011

Growth blur

and welcome to 2011!  After a rare two-week layoff, I'm starting up at least a little more frequent blogging with these thoughts on my little girl.

Mariah will be two next month.  The kids are so close in age their growth seems to be in a constant game of leapfrog.  Sometimes the milestones they pass happen within days of each other.  Last summer, the kids started connecting two words, at least in a very simple, childlike way (i.e., bye-bye car, kitty ouchies).  Since then, the kids have grown into using three word phrases occasionally.

Earlier this week, as another train chugged past the crossing half a block away, Mariah was running around upstairs and said, "There's a train out there."  Don't know where that came from.  She followed it up with her normal two or three word ramblings: "Down the stairs." "Buddy wake up!" "Eat food."

Yesterday, I walked into the kitchen and Mariah walked up and said, "Daddy, did you take a shower?"  I had, in fact, just finished up with my (near) daily shower.  So I informed her she was correct.

Elisha is slightly behind his sister, but he's gotten to the point that he wants to take on any word.  And he wants to know!  I'm really loving the iPhone app that has the slideshow of a combination of animal names, sounds and pictures.  They want to flip through the pictures over and over and practice saying "alligator".

The huge leap forward was yesterday morning.  After two weeks of introducing the kids to their potty chairs, Mariah successfully used hers!  If you are or were the parents of small children, you'll know the significance of this.

In another two weeks, Elisha just might be shaving.  I guess this kind of underscores the reason I should blog more regularly.

Holding hands

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