Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Is Ethiopian adoption coming to an end?

Many of you who read this blog are aware of things that are going on in the world of orphan care.  For those of you who are not, please read this and join us in prayer for the thousands of children--children just like Mariah and Elisha--who will be effected by the decisions the Ethiopian government will make in the next few days.

The agency that oversees international adoptions in Ethiopia has decided (or at least, nearly decided) that since child trafficking and corruption among those who care for orphans has become too serious a problem AND because the government's resources would be more effectively used serving all the other orphans who are not adoptable, they will reduce the amount of international adoptions in Ethiopia by 90%.  This will, of course, effectively end adoption in Ethiopia.

This is very distressing news, but we are praying that God will work in and through this situation.

For more on how you can pray for this situation, Tom Davis wrote a very good blog post here (and also a very good explanation/opinion on the situation here).

For all of you Ethiopian adoptive parents reading who haven't read it yet, here's AGCI's post about what you can do to help.


  1. What do you mean "This is very distressing news"? This is great news. Children will no longer be harvested from families who love them, only to be purchased by selfish white Americans who truly dislike Africans. More effort needs to be put on sponsoring orphanages (those with good practices) and also sponsoring families. What in the world made so many people think that it was okay to purchase African children and bring them here to isolate them from their culture. So many children have been tortured through being adopted and several have been tortured to death. I am thankful to God that adoptions from Ethiopia have been reduced. Oh dear God, please ban international adoption and teach people to sponsor families and orphanages instead. Amen.

  2. You probably noticed that I no longer allow comments to be published without review. After review, I decided to publish your comment because it reveals your ignorance and allows others to better understand those who share your views.

  3. I agree with "Anonymous" that more effort and finances need to go into finding sustainable ways for children to stay in the country of their birth. But, I pretty much disagree with everything else "Anonymous" wrote. Incidents where adopted children are abused are few and far between-- but they are also horrifically tragic. Oh dear God, thank you for having a plan for each one of your precious children. Thank you that no one is created or born without your knowledge and forethought. Thank you for being present to comfort children when they lose their parents, and thank you for finding another way for them. Just like you found a way for us to come home to You through Jesus. Please bring awareness to the plight of orphans, those who are adopted, those who are sponsored, and those who live or die as unknown children. Thank you that we are all "known" by you. Amen.