Sunday, May 08, 2011

What happened to April?

April is a month I always make fun of.  That's because NOTHING happens in April.  So how do I explain the fact that I've been too busy to post on my blog?

As it turns out, a lot of stuff DOES happen in April, it's just the sneaky stuff.  Like taxes.

After wrestling for three weeks with the Adoption Tax Credit, I finally--with the help of Sue from H & R Block--got our Federal Taxes sent out last month.  Having that done was nice, but for one last time, I had to do my Oregon state taxes.  They wanted money, so I waited until the last minute.

All that stuff takes time and time spent on taxes takes away from time for blogging.

We also went back home to Oregon for the weekend a few weekends ago.  The time passed very quickly, but it was wonderful to see everyone again.  We miss everyone so so much.

I also was interviewed twice for a job downtown Seattle.  It looked good, the interview went well, I was excited about the opportunity and then--they offered the position to someone else.

Combine this with ministry training and the spring adoption event on the two "free" weekends and we were purty busy.  Now that it's May, I hope I have time to reflect and remember the last five years of writing this blog and watch cancer disappear in the rear view mirror.

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