Friday, July 08, 2011

Final: The Space Frontier

A few hours ago, four astronauts embarked on mission STS-135 on the Space Shuttle Atlantis.  This will be the last mission for the United States' Space Shuttle Program.  The program started in 1981. 

When I grew up, space was cool.  Science fiction was cool.  Robots were cool.  And even though E.T., Star Wars, Transformers and Tron made millions with their cleverly-crafted fiction, the astronauts that rode the shuttles up into space made a generation of fanatical kids believe they could achieve their dreams.

Of course, a lot of these dreams were probably totally unrealistic, but it's nice--perhaps even good and healthy--to dream crazy dreams when you're a kid.

**sigh** That's all I have to say. Otherwise, I might go into an 80's inspired spaceramble...

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