Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Four Whitney Houston songs for Valentine's Day

I'm really picky about love songs.  I don't like break-up songs very much.  I definitely don't like the "sneakin' around" love song or the one where the singer can't decide between two (or more) lovers.

Maybe all of you can relate to that stuff more than me, but it's not where I'm at, nor is it where I wanna go. (So I don't listen to it, because I believe what you put in your head can eventually become part of your life.)  At the same time, I think I've made it clear over the past couple of years that I'm all about the love. 

In memory of the crazy-talented songstress Whitney Houston, I picked a few of her love songs for this special day.  Unfortunately, the vast-majority of her love songs were really break-up songs.  Others were just bad songs.  Remember that it was the vocals that mattered.

Honorable mention has to go to "I Have Nothing" (1993)
Why do they always write songs that are half begging me to stay? Anyways, it's almost a straight love song.

Oh, and just in case you're wondering, the first line of the chorus is "Don't make me close one more door..."  I know there's been years of confusion on that.

The next three are "real" love songs.
"You Give Good Love" (1985)

"I Believe In You and Me" (1996)

And my favorite Whitney Houston song of all time...
"All the Man That I Need" (1990)

I asked Anne-Marie if I was all the man that she needs.  She said, "You're all the man I can handle." That just about says it all.  Happy Valentine's Day, everyone.

Maybe my next blog project will be Gospel Whitney.  I'm diggin' that idea.

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