Monday, July 09, 2012

Starting Treatment (Herceptin and Tykerb)

Update from Anne-Marie's Facebook statuses this past weekend.
Friday, July 6th:
It's warm outside, but I'm missing the electric blanket. Home and in bed with severe chills and body aches after my 1st Herceptin tx this afternoon. I looked like a mummy during the tx due to being swaddled with mounds of oven-warmed blankets. 
Saturday, July 7th:
Started my chemo pill Rx last night. I was very nervous to take it and had a few tears. Been really sick to my stomach all day long today. The dosage may need to be adjusted. Average dose is 5 huge pills at a time daily. They started me at 4 since I'm a small person. I'm thinking maybe 3 would be better?!? Need to contact my Dr tomorrow.

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