Sunday, January 20, 2013

Radiation begins January 29

Originally, we expected Anne-Marie's recovery from surgery to be complete by the beginning of 2013. Things changed and now we're set to begin radiation next week.

Radiation treatments only take half an hour (29 minutes of setup and 1 minute of treatment, really) and are Monday through Friday.  33 treatments are required, which will take us through March 14.

In addition to the half-hour treatments, Anne-Marie will be given a 90-minute "hyperthemia" heat treatment 12 times.  In other words, her appointment will be extended to two hours on 12 specific occasions for this extra treatment.

Thankfully, the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance has supported our decision to do the radiation locally, so Anne-Marie will be receiving treatment at Tacoma/Valley Radiation Oncology Center, part of the Tacoma General Hospital complex.  It's only a mile from our house as compared to the 30 miles to SCCA, making our lives much, much simpler.

How will we do this?  Babysitters, swing shift, fits, coffee and prayer.

That's right.  We're gonna do this like we do everything else.

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