Friday, February 08, 2013

Flashback Friday #2

This happened over four years ago.  We thought our little girl would be home so soon that we'd better run out and buy a crib.  She came home 11 months later.

Mariah turns four in a couple of weeks and still sleeps in this thing.  We took the front rail off a long time ago--and it works well enough because she's tiny--but her birthday present from me is going to be a big-girl bed.


Sneak-peak: the girl crib

Here's a little glimpse into the goings on at our house. Last week we found a pink crib on craigslist for our baby girl's room. We drove all the way to East Vancouver (Washington) to pick it up on Friday night. I assembled it in the living room early Saturday morning so Anne-Marie could wake up to a surprise!

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