Friday, February 22, 2013

Flashback Friday #4

Here's the flashback post from three years ago. Mariah turns four today!



Mariah's first ever birthday party

Monday night, we were honored to have a few of our friends and family come over to celebrate Mariah's 1st birthday. But first:

How did we come up with February 22nd as the day to celebrate Mariah's birthday? It definitely wasn't from any official documents. The doctors really aren't sure how old she is, but are guessing between 10-14 months at this point. So we decided that we would keep the kids' birthdays about 4 months apart and on either side of the holidays.

Conveniently (for our two newly-documented American citizens), our 2nd president, John Adams, was born on October 30th and our 1st president, George Washington, was born on February 22nd. These dates were perfectly placed on the calendar, so we went with them.

Monday night's party was about as simple as we could keep it. We had sandwiches and cheesecake with a few folks and their kids. Our little house was just about as full as it could be with all the little people running around!

Mariah did well as the center of attention. She had people to entertain, gifts to open, cake to eat, canes to steal. She was a little tentative with that birthday cake, but it still resulted in good pictures.Thanks to everyone who came!

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