Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Radiation follow up and catch up

Doctors always want to see their patients after a major series of treatments to check their progress and plan for what happens next.  Because of this, Anne-Marie has been to see the physical therapist, oncologist and plastic surgeon all in the past week.

The physical therapist said Anne-Marie didn't need to come back.  No series of treatments or extreme excercise regimens.  Good news.  Glad that's done.

The oncologist wants Anne-Marie to begin every-third-week Herceptin treatments starting immediately.  Anne-Marie told her "no" and said she'd start next week.  Awesome.  Monday it is.  I guess that's OK news.

The big surprise is the plastic surgeon.  Surgery we though Anne-Marie would have next month has been postponed for six months to allow for recovery from radiation.  Don't know if that's good news or not.  We'd sure like to have this over with, but we also really need a break.

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