Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Notes on the 7th surgery

This surgery was different in that I wasn't stuck in a waiting room.  This time I Anne-Marie had already been in the hospital for days and I was simply sent back to the hospital room to wait for the doctor.  What do you do when the welfare of the most precious thing in your life is in the balance?

I always go to the cafeteria.  I don't know what else to do.  Actually, that's not all I did.  I found the Quiet Room "chapel", which was a 12 x 12 closet-like room between labs and laundry.  Not the most beautiful I've been in, but definitely private and very definitely quiet.  I prayed for God to help my wife.

I believe He heard me because after going back to the room for an hour and reading, fidgeting and pacing, Dr. Colohan came in and told me the surgery went well and the Anne-Marie was in recovery.

Dr. Colohan revealed the late-night disaster, the infection and the surgery all were a result of the radiology mishap from February (outlined here in my post "What's Really Going On With Radiation").  It was disappointing news and the doctor's should have picked up on it before it progressed to the dangerous level that it did.

Anne-Marie was wheeled in an hour later and had a sleepy evening.


The next morning we were woken up by a team of four doctors that charged in the door and asked, "So: Do you guys wanna go home today?" 

Of course, our answer was "yes".  Anne-Marie was feeling much better and she was able to walk around and eat a little bit.  She was ready to be back in her own space.  After 80 hours of being stuck at UWMC we were discharged.

The first 10 days of recover were very hard.  Anne-Marie had limited mobility and was very tired.  Even today--5 weeks later--she is still sore and has pain moving her left arm.  We are hoping to gradually find our way through this difficulty as we have with so many others.

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