Monday, May 26, 2014

Finding a home in Vancouver

15 days.  15 houses.

For the past two weeks or so we've been driving back and forth to Vancouver at every possible opportunity to find a house to live in.  We had a dozen options.  Then we had none.  Then we had a handful.  Then two.  Honestly, I lost count of exactly how many were in the running, but here's a few of the 15 or so.

Thought so, but bad neighborhood
Street was waaaay too busy
This put the fun and funky, but no
Couldn't get a viewing on this quick enough
Just kidding
No backyard for the kids 
Wanted this house bad, but we were too late
We thought this would work until we actually went inside
Oh nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
Our new home

After four days of applications, negotiations and calendar shifting, Adam, our landlord-to-be, called us this morning to let us know that he would like us to rent his house.  And unlike last time this happened to us he did *not* call us a few hours later to tell us we actually didn't get the house after all (yes, that did happen to us 3 years ago).

When we applied for the house, we were still looking at a few other places.  As you can see from what's above, none of these worked out, but I'm so glad this one did.

The house is a 90's-built, two-story in a subdivision, like 75% of the homes in Vancouver.  It's in the Burnt Bridge Creek neighborhood and is nestled between two parks, a school and a creek known as Burnt Bridge.  It's privately-owned (which is the only way we ever rent).  The kids love it.  It's 2 1/2 miles from my new office.

And it has a roof and running water and it's in Portland.

It's time to head home.

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