Monday, May 05, 2014

We are moving back to Portland

After living in Pierce County, Washington, for four years our family has made the difficult decision to move back home to Portland.

This has been an extremely challenging time for Anne-Marie and I, along with the kids and we are trying to make the decision that's right and best for us.  Leaving Tacoma for us is very sad because it's become like our second hometown.  We love living here.

My employer has approved a transfer from our headquarters office in Olympia, Washington to the branch office in Vancouver, Washington, which has been an enormous blessing and benefit to this time of transition.

We will be continuing Anne-Marie's treatment with Seattle Cancer Care Alliance and the University of Washington for now with a plan to transition eventually to treatment in the Portland/Vancouver area.  We are trusting that we will know the right time to make the switch.

To our friends and family back home in Oregon: I know many of you will be overjoyed to hear we are returning to Portland.  Please know that to us, moving back is a very bittersweet thing.  It has come about through much sorrow and pain that may take us a while to work through.  We are still deeply involved in the most desperate struggle of our lives and many days find it hard to see daylight through the fog of complications that seem to form fresh each day.  We believe God will show us the way through it all in His time.

Having said that, this change will bring about a lot of things I'm looking forward to:

*  I will have the opportunity to work closer to home and better help Anne-Marie with the kids as they move into grade school. 

*  We will be able to better maintain longstanding relationships with many precious people. 

*  We will return our children to a large community of adoptive families that knows and loves them. 

*  We will be nearer a strong support group for Anne-Marie as she continues the fight of her life. 

*  We will be returning to the one place on Earth we love most, the Portland Metropolitan Area.

In case you're still reading, I want to thank everyone who has helped us, supported us and prayed for us during this challenging time.  We couldn't make it without your help.

We appreciate your prayers as we make the move back this summer.  We will be updating you as things progress.


  1. we will miss you folks.
    you have become a part of our family in the Puyallup fellowship.
    understand your reasoning.

    you are in our prayers

  2. So so sad, but also know you must do what's best for your family. It's been a joy having you for the years we have!

  3. Every time we sit at Moctezumas I will be remembering you! I appriciate our conversation we had and will miss you at church. Be well brother!

  4. just came to check in, it's been awhile. so sorry Ann-Marie still is fighting so hard. I can only imagine the toll on your family. Blessings and peace to you in this move.