Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Notes on the 10th surgery

The 10th surgery was supposed to be identical to the 9th: reconstruction corrective grafting stuff that's a little complicated and personal for here.  It didn't quite turn out that way.

Apparently the surgeon--who wasn't satisfied with the previous surgery's results--decided to go to more extreme measures.  After the surgery was through, we figured out how much of a difference that made.  Anne-Marie has been much more sore these past two weeks.  I once again took her to SCCA House the first night.

Moving an extra two hours away from the hospital was no favor to Anne-Marie when it comes to driving home after these things.  We found a narrow window between rush hours the day after surgery and raced home.

The first week we had to call in a few favors for the kids to be taken care of for a few extra days.  It all worked out and by Friday of surgery week, Anne-Marie was up and doing things again.  Last week, which was a full week removed from the date of the procedure was pretty close to a normal week.

Post-op is Thursday and surgery 11 will be in the fall.

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