Saturday, October 17, 2015

Summer's annual disappearing trick

It happened again.  Summer vanished.  Now I write in the middle of October thinking of all the things we did and all the things we didn't.

In the Pacific Northwest, it's expected for everyone to live a whole year in four months before we run inside our houses for the October through May rain showers.  No doubt the Pacific Northwest's stretch from June to September is the greatest season on the face of the planet, but the beyond-capacity way we approach it seems to only allow enjoyment in retrospect.

The sun has stretched farther than ever this year, but I believe last night when it clouded over, we reached the crucial day.  Next week the weather descends into gray and will stay there.  While the sun was out we had some great memories (some of which I didn't share in my Vacation post).  I thought I'd share some here.

Panorama of the kids in Burnt Bridge Creek basin
14th anniversary: huge damage from Central Oregon wildfires
14th anniversary: Central Oregon smokey sunset
14th anniversary: outside our Silverton apartment
14th anniversary: Silver Creek Falls
14th Anniversary: Us at the Oregon Garden
14th anniversary: the doomed Buca in Seattle

/\ Kids learned to ride bikes 24 hours apart! \/
On our way to school
First day of 1st Grade
Clark County Fair (A-M and Elisha are up there)

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