Friday, July 14, 2017

Sydney Wydney Garcia 3/7/02-6/29/17

In the past year or so, our cat's health started failing. We waited to see if small changes would make it better, but eventually we knew we needed to bring her in to see the veterinarian.

The vet said she had thyroid problems and put her on a twice-daily prescription that was moderately expensive.

Sydney showed a little improvement, but still was struggling physically quite a bit. Getting her to take her medicine was challenging.

We were weeks away from a (nother) move and Sydney responds horribly to change. Every time we've moved, it's been very hard on her and taken her months to adjust.

We knew she wasn't coming to the new house. So after 15 years of her companionship, we brought her in to the vet for the last time. It was a very sad time.

Many nights in the new house--after everyone else is in bed--I think I see her shadow sneaking through the hallway, but then I remember that this latest adventure is our first without her.

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