Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Shrinking world

We have now reached the five-month mark of chemotherapy. As of last week, this is the longest treatment plan Anne-Marie has ever been on. This one's different because, as far as we know, it's perpetual.

The past two and a half months has been the most challenging of any treatment we've done these past 12 years. Daily doses of the chemo pills have affected Anne-Marie's tolerance of food, sleep patterns, energy level.

I'm sure some of you reading this can understand what it's like to have a single circumstance that affects your life completely in every area and never goes away night or day. We have fought to maintain an atmosphere of normalcy at our house for years, but lately that has become nearly impossible.

Every item that is a "must-have", every action that is a "must-do" and every event that is a "must-go" is put on trial for the sake of survival. It is the poverty of everything; it is the possession of everything that matters.

Starting this month I have decided to step away from many things, including responsibilities at our church, in order to relieve stress in this situation and regain focus. This continuing adjustment of priorities is helping me understand and prove to myself where my values really lie.  And it's allowed me just a few more moments of quiet to remember that there's always a light in every darkness.

It's taken me 2 weeks to write these six paragraphs, so I guess I'll click Publish. CT scan and bone scan are scheduled for October 16 with the results given two days later on October 18. Pray for us. Anne-Marie has fought through so much to get to this point.

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