Sunday, August 02, 2020

The Six Weeks

The brain scan that I talked about on my last post happened two weeks ago to try to understand how effective the last treatment (not the current treatment, which is Taxol) was on the cancer in the brain.  A week ago we were given the results.

They found 8 more tumors in Anne-Marie's brain, which brings the total to 10.

It's hard to find any comfort in the oncologist telling us they are all "small" brain tumors, but we'll take all the comfort we can get while understanding very clearly that Anne-Marie is under full assault by this deadly disease.

The oncologist has formed a plan to continue the Taxol treatment for one more three-week cycle then on the fourth week, another set of scans will be performed.  Last week was Taxol treatment #3, this week is a week off, then three more weeks of Taxol, then scans the next week, for a total of six weeks.

Dr. Solti has told us that she does not expect the Taxol to help the tumors in the brain but wants to continue through the next cycle to give some relief from the tumors in Anne-Marie's lungs.

The proposed treatment after week six is to return to the Xeloda/Tykerb chemo pill regimen that happened back in 2018.  It is the most ruthless chemo we've faced in the entire 14 years.

We are between the jaws of two challenges.  The doctors are already telling us it won't happen, but we need the scans to come back clear.  Our family appreciates your prayers during this time.

Five weeks to go.

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