Sunday, May 28, 2006

If we forget to send Thank You notes...

We would like to thank everyone who has shown us kindness over the past few weeks:

--This list will be updated and re-posted in the future.--

For the beautiful flowers - Pastor Gary and Linda Gleason, the Brian Huffman family, the Harrison family, the Mike Huffman family, Brandon and Kara Hanson, Josh and Eva Pardella, Phil Huffman, the Baldwin family, and Linda Gleason (again)

For the note, card, or letter - Loren and Elaine Yadon, Jen Fackler, LaVonne Denny, Frank and Ruth vonHutten, Dale and Joan Sargeant, Rachelle Harding, Joanna Anders, the Jim Goings family, the AWC quiz team, the Harrison family, and Kathy White

For the birthday gifts - the Loren Brown family, the Baldwin family, the Harrison family, Phil Huffman, Nina Huffman, the Brian Huffman family, the Mike Huffman family, Margaret Garcia, Jeremy Pollard, Donna Gleason, and Angela Kelly

Dinner - the Harrison family and Esther Kelly

Other gifts - Cheryl Bean, Ross Hoevet, Sharon Corrie, and Cheri Tomlin

All the numerous e-mails, calls, and comments left on this site

The Oregon City United Pentecostal Church family

The Portland Pentecostals

Ross Hoevet Family Dentistry and Western Wood Structures

Everyone who is praying

Everyone we forgot

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  1. Eli and Anne-Marie Your web site is very impressive. We thank you for keeping us all updated. Far more information than what we would ever know but love to hear. We Love and Appreciate you both and your deducated walk with God. Love and Prayers Always, Frank and Ruth vonHutten