Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Chemotherapy 2

The day began with a quick trip to Dr. Burgess's office. Because the clinic is located just across town from where I work, I was able to meet Kara and Anne-Marie there. Everything went well.

From there Kara took Anne-Marie back home to rest, eat lunch, and get Anne-Marie's pre-chemo prescription filled. Next, it was off to Dr. Smith's office in the Providence Portland Professional Plaza (the PPPP).

At Dr. Smith's, they started with the required blood work. Anne-Marie had a Port-a-Cath "installed" near her shoulder during her June surgery, which helps make all the needles used in the chemo process less of a problem. When preparing to do the blood work, the MA was confused by what she saw. She didn't know that my petite-sized wife was given a petite-sized port; she hadn't seen anything like it before. The nurse straightened her out.

Anne-Marie had been breaking out in hives for the few days prior to the treatment, so the doctor gave her some Benadryl. The inflammation went down a little, but they still don't know exactly what caused it. (Thankfully, the hives are gone now.)

After the blood test was approved, Anne-Marie and Kara went to the treatment room and saw a lot of our "chemo friends" from last time. This time everything was in order and the treatment--Ativan, adriamycin, and cytoxan--took the predicted two hours.

Kara brought Anne-Marie home by four in the afternoon so she could take a much needed nap.

Next treatment is Thursday, September 14.


  1. It is extremely important to note that as preparation for Anne-Marie's chemo treatment we found a decorating magazine to go along with the prescription we went to pick up.

  2. We all love you and miss you so much! Please get better and come back to work, we miss you. Dr. Ross Hoevet and staff