Thursday, September 21, 2006

On the lighter side

After shopping for plans and phones for the past two years, we finally got new cel phones yesterday. Because Anne-Marie hasn't been using hers for the past few months, I decided to cancel her line and get her a new one next year. When I called to cancel service, our longtime carrier Cingular made us an offer that was hard to pass up.

The net result: a new, very practical wireless plan and two new phones. After 5 years with my Nokia 8260 (featuring: ringer, little buttons with numbers on them), my new Samsung C417 (featuring all of the above, plus: color screen, camera w/4x zoom, speakerphone, internet, Bluetooth, IM, calendar, a bowling simulator, defibrillator, food processor) looks like something out of science fiction.

The two places my Nokia didn't get reception were at work and at home. The new phone is on the new network, so this very undesirable glitch has been eliminated. Now I'll be able to talk to you all without saying, "Can you call me on my work phone?" or, "Sorry. I'm cutting out. Just pulled into my driveway." Starting this week, it'll be, "Would you like to talk by voice or IM?" "As a matter of fact, he's right here! Let me put you on 'speaker'." "Hold on; let me send you a cameraphone pic of the cop who's pulling me over for driving in the oncoming lane because I was messing with my phone!"

Imagine the possibilities!

If any of you want to call us on our new phones--which I'm sure you do, if only to say you had the experience--e-mail us using the link to your right and we'll send you the numbers (which haven't changed from our old phones). Until then, I think I'm gonna do a little cel phone bowlin'.

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  1. My goodness. I am having trouble breathing. I think the shock is too much for me at this time. Wow. Unbelievable. Does this mean I will actually hear what you say in OC??? How about that cool dead spot half way between work and home. This is simply wild. I am completely in shock. Love you guys.