Saturday, October 14, 2006

Chemotherapy 4

Friday, October 6, was Anne-Marie's fourth chemotherapy treatment.

My mom--who had wanted to take Anne-Marie to her last chemo, but deferred to Kara (see Chemotherapy 3)--was the driver this time.

Anne-Marie felt much better than at the last treatment, but her blood test came back as marginally anemic. A red blood cell booster injection was administered.

This was the first treatment that Anne-Marie encountered chemo patients that were younger than her. One of the girls, being treated for melanoma, was only 14.

The prescribed treatment was the same as the last three: Ativan, dexameth, adriamycin, cytoxan. This will be the last appointment using these treatments. Beginning next treatment, October 27, Anne-Marie will be treated with taxol and herceptin. Taxol treatments will be until the end of the year; herceptin treatments will continue through next October. We are hoping that the new treatments will be milder.

Since last Friday's appointment, Anne-Marie was given another Neulasta injection. Her bones and joints have been in considerable pain for most of the week as a result.

We're nearly halfway...

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