Thursday, October 19, 2006

(don't) keep your comments to yourself

Once again--due to the changes in the new blogger format--I feel the need to explain how to post a comment.

Below each post you will see a link that says the number of comments for that specific post (i.e, "0 COMMENTS", "3 COMMENTS"). Click on that link. A small window will pop up with all of the comments that have been made on the post and below them is a text box that says "Leave your comment." Type your comment in that field. When you are finished type the funny looking letters into the "WORD VERIFICATION" box (this is for security purposes; otherwise, spammers program computers to leave advertisements in the comments of random blogs).

Here's the main thing that's new: below the word verification are options to "Choose an identity." You can sign in if you have a Blogger account or choose to remain anonymous. Most people choose the "Other" option. On this option you can type in your name and web address. Type in whatever name you go by and leave the web address blank if you don't have one. Your comment will appear like this:

John Doe said...
Praying for you every day.


Brandon and Kara Hanson said...
Hey, guys! How 'bout Stanford's next Wednesday on us?
Let us know!

I know...that last one was totally uncalled for.

If you have a comment, question, or message that you don't feel free to post for everyone to see (I'm certain someone will after that) click the e-mail link to your right.

Thank you all for your support these past several months.

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