Thursday, November 16, 2006

Chemo 6 coming up

Chemo 6 is Friday. The day will, once again, be full with an early morning trip to see Dr. Burgess and a 5-hour afternoon session with Dr. Smith and Northwest Cancer Specialists.

The muscle pain that occurred three days after the last treatment is supposed to lessen or stop completely with the subsequent treatments.

My mom, Margaret Garcia, will be taking Anne-Marie to her treatment.


  1. Hi, Just checked in & saw Amy's pic. Very sweet -like Auntie Anne-Marie!Am praying this afternoon goes well. Hope the thing about less pain is right. Love & prayers Kathy White

  2. WOW! Surprise - fall colors - nice touch. trust things are going well for Anne-Marie. I Peter 1:3-9 What a beautiful picture & promise. Love Kathy White ps hope this does't show up 2x