Thursday, December 07, 2006

Chemo 7 coming up

Chemo 7 is Friday. As always chemo day will be full morning through afternoon with an early trip to see Dr. Burgess and a 5-hour afternoon session with Dr. Smith and Northwest Cancer Specialists.

This will be last time Anne-Marie will have to endure the "double-header." After Friday, Dr. Burgess will not be seeing Anne-Marie until February. It will be strange after seeing her regularly for the past six months. Dr. Burgess has been an oustanding physician and professional through many greatly varied circumstances.

Anne-Marie's dad, Phil Huffman, will be taking her to the treatment.


  1. Is Dr. Smith the woman in the picture? It was good to see you both today. Will be praying for Fri. chemo. Love Kathy W.

  2. The picture is of Dr. Elisa Burgess.