Monday, January 29, 2007

A little housekeeping

Over the life of this blog i've written several posts about posting comments. I've given step by step instructions on how to post them, given examples, and even got us a trip to Stanford's one time. The interface has changed more than a couple of times so: here I go again!

If you have a Blogger account select the first option and sign in with your username and password. This will post your name (and picture if you've uploaded one) to the comment so you won't have to type your name at the end of the comment. Type your comment, enter in the funny looking letters in the word verification field, and press "PUBLISH YOUR COMMENT". Most of you do not have a Blogger account and will not use this option.

The other way to do it is to use the second option: Other. When you select this option two fields will appear: NAME and YOUR WEB PAGE. Fill in your name in the "NAME" field (just leave the website field blank if you don't have one), type your comment, funny letters, publish.

You can always pick the Anonymous option, too, but then you will have to sign your name at the end of your comment and we wouldn't want you to have to do that. Unless, of course, you take some irrational comfort in doing it that way!

The blog reached 8,000 hits last week, finally. The Site Meter has been off and on lately so it's been slow going.

We appreciate all of our visitors. We look at the Site Meter readings and wonder exactly who it is that's visiting our site from Wisconsin, Kansas, Pacificap (well, we have some idea about that one), Boynton Beach, Millennium Medical, Iceland, Beijing, The World Bank, New Delhi...

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