Monday, April 30, 2007

2007 Western Regional Extravaganza

I'm never in charge of the April tournament, because the local tournament is always pre-empted by the Regional tournament, and the National Quiz guys (their official title) are in charge of it. The tournament, with 21 teams total, was held in Beaverton, Oregon.

The bad news is that the California teams took home most of the big trophies, but I did want to take the time to extend congratulations to our 3rd and 4th place teams (respectively), LaGrande and Hood River. Also, congratulations to Nate Eddy from Hood River for being the top scorer for the whole tournament.

Oregon City took a hard-earned 4th in the Intermediate Division. Andrew Huffman was Second Highest Scorer.

We'll wait to win until next year's Regional Tournament in California.

Next up is LaGrande tournament, May 19.

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