Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Important Update

Some of you may have noticed or heard that I've been sick a lot lately. I haven't really been talking to anyone about what's been going on, but I thought that now was the best time to tell people what I've been facing for the past few years.

Over a period of nearly five years, my health has been in steady decline. This problem became so severe that I made an appointment with my doctor about a week and a half ago. During that appointment, I described my symptoms and their increased magnitude over the past few years to Dr. Bridgeman from Davies Clinic, and she offered her best analysis. She was fairly certain that all the health problems I had dealt with were caused by an increasingly severe struggle with either ulcerative colitis or Crohn's disease.

Dr. Bridgeman referred me to the gastroenterologist, Dr. Michael Chang, who wanted to run a few tests. My first test, on Monday, didn't find either disease, but ulcerative colitis has probably been ruled out.

The clinic wants to do further testing, so I'll go back in on May 9 for another screening to see if they can find the problem. It is still possible--perhaps even probable--that next round of tests will reveal Crohn's, but other issues are probably not out of the question (more minor things such as stomach ulcer, food allergies, IBS, or a few major ones like renal failure). There is a lot that I just don't know.

Anne-Marie and I appreciate your prayers during this--once again--dark time.


  1. We will be praying!
    Jeremy & Donna

  2. Eli and Ann-Marie.. sorry to hear this news... we will diffently will be praying for you both... as you both have been.. Love ya lots ..Joe and Deloris Huffman

  3. Eli...just catching up a little on your blog. Sorry to hear about your health concerns. Keeping you & your family in my prayers.

    Vanessa (from Nebraska)