Monday, September 10, 2007

Astoria: getting there is half the fun

This year's anniversary trip to the North Coast was unique because I took Friday off. Doing this allowed us to make our way leisurely to our destination. That was probably good, because check-in wasn't until four in the afternoon.

We started out around nine and wove our way down Oregon Highway 26. Take a look at our pictures from the late breakfast we had at Camp 18. This must be one of the biggest log cabins in the world. The food is good there, but the atmosphere is what makes a worthwhile experience.

A few miles down, we made a stop at the Klootchy Creek Giant. It was a sad goodbye to an old friend. The massive Sitka Spruce is about to die of fungus problems. While we were there, we had a nice conversation with a couple from Atlanta that was wondering what there was to see on their nine-day trip to the Oregon Coast. We gave them all to much info.

After a trip to the Seaside Factory Outlets, we drove into downtown Astoria to a new Bosnian restaurant: Drina Daisy. This place is run by a very hospitable couple who wanted us to stay and sample the lamb from off the rotisserie and eat their new dessert. By the time we left the wife was treating us like old friends from the home country. There were hugs and promises of a return visit. By that time it was 5:30. Way past check-in time.

Pics T-B: Camp 18 Restaurant, inside the restaurant (huge log cabin), me standing on one of the many logging/sawmill artifacts on the grounds of Camp 18, saying goodbye to the Klootchy Creek Giant (largest Sitka Spruce in the USA), tasty lamb on a spit at Drina Daisy, A-M eating

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